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WAC Uniform

Modification of the Original Uniform and Additions

A Pictorial History (1943 - 1945)

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Tropical Worsted Wool Uniform

Due to the stiffness of the cotton twill material used in the original uniform, as well as the poor fit, the pattern was revised and a different material selected for the summer uniform, tropical worsted wool. The general issue of the summer tropical worsted uniform was approved  for all enlisted WAC personnel for the summer of 1944.  Officers also wore this uniform.  At first the women were issued "Hobby Hats" in the tropical worsted; however, due to continuing complaints about the Hobby Hat, a garrison cap in this material was issued as shown in this photo.  Cotton chamois gloves and chamois scarf was also authorized to wear with this uniform.


WAC Tropical Worsted Wood Uniform - 1943

WAC Off-Duty Dress - 1944

Off-Duty Dress

On May 25, 1944, the off-duty dress was approved by the War Department as an item of issue to enlisted women.  The summer dress was made of rayon shantung and the color was a pale beige.  The off-duty dress was an item of issue for enlisted women; however, commissioned personnel could purchase the item.  A matching shantung garrison cap, brown pumps, brown handbag and cotton chamois gloves were designed to be worn with the dress.  The winter dress was made of a grayish-pink wool fabric.

WAC Pinks & Greens Uniform - 1944

Officer's Pinks & Greens

In 1944, the WAC "pinks and greens" uniform replaced the "original WAAC officer uniform" which was two-tones of olive drab.  The jacket color remained the same, but the skirt was changed to a pinkish beige color called "pink."


Officer's White Dress Uniform

This optional purchase uniform was another of the modifications made in 1944.  The uniform was constructed of a tropical worsted wool and was authorized for officers only.  However, this changed in 1951 when enlisted women were authorized to wear the white dress uniform.  Notice the Army eagle on the Hobby Hat.  When the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps changed to the Women's Army Corps, the hat insignia changed from the WAAC eagle to the Army eagle.

Officer's White Uniform - 1944

Ike Jacket - 1944

Ike Jacket

In 1944, WACs stationed in Europe received a waist length, olive-drab wool jacket, called a "battle jacket," that could be worn with matching skirt or slacks that was already in the supply system.  The "battle jacket" came to be known more commonly as the "Ike Jacket."  In April 1945, the jacket was authorized for optional purchase and wear by officers and enlisted women in the Continental United States (CONUS).

Hospital Dress

Due to lack of a dress to wear for hospital or dental work, WACs initially wore a blue cotton crepe dress, formerly worn by nurses.  In 1945, the short-sleeved, rose-beige dress pictured here replaced that dress. 

WAC Hospital Dress - 1945