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WAAC Uniform

A Pictorial History (1942 Issue)

Former Director, Army Women's Museum

Fort Des Moines, Iowa

In 1942, the WAAC Hobby Cap, later known as the "Hobby Hat," was adopted only after prolonged discussion and the fashioning of one to two hundred samples; the Knox model was selected on May 13.  The first hat issued was in a heavy cotton khaki material (summer uniform) and then a dark olive-drab material (winter).  There was another dark olive drab that went with the uniform designed for officers.  The hat  insignia pictured here is unique to the WAAC, dubbed "the buzzard."  The eagle was  cutout for officer instead of in a round disk, as well as the Pallas Athene insignia on the lapels.  After July 1, 1943, the hat insignia changed to the "Army eagle."

First Uniform - Cotton Khaki with Hobby Hat - 1942

Hobby Hat - Enlisted Insignia

WAAC Cotton Khaki, OD Green Wool, and Officer's OD Green & Beige - 1942

Uniforms (First Original Designs)

The uniform issued to the first detachment of WAACs at Fort Des Moines shown here in the middle as an officer uniform, the khaki, carried a belt (1-3/4" wide).   All three of the original designs carried a belt, but it was eliminated in October 1942.  The cotton khaki shirt underneath had a WAAC patch worn just below the chevron on the sleeve.  The uniform to the right was the winter wool olive-drab uniform shown as an enlisted uniform here.  The uniform to the left was a dark and light olive drab, similar to Army shades for men; it was chosen for WAAC officer personnel.  Officers wore US on each side of the upper lapel and Pallas Athene on each side of the lower lapel.  Enlisted wore only one set of insignia on the lapels, US on the right and Pallas Athene on the left.  Notice the plastic buttons on the uniforms here; in a meeting on March 19, 1942, it was agreed upon to use olive-drab, plastic buttons (due to the need to conserve medal).

Pallas Athene Insignia - 1942

OD Wool Winter Uniform with Hobby Hat & Officer Insignia - 1942

Hat Insignia, the "Buzzard" (Officer & Enlisted) - 1942

Pallas Athene Insignia

   Officer's Winter Uniform   

   Hat Insignia        

WAAC Overcoat - 1942

WAAC Utility Coat - 1942

WAAC Overcoat - (1942)

WAAC Utility Coat (1942)

Cooks & Baker's Dress with Apron - 1942

Cooks and Bakers

Cooks and bakers basic dress and apron was approved between May 16 and the opening of the WAAC Training Center, July 10, 1942.


WAAC Exercise Suit - 1942

First Exercise Suit  

The WAAC exercise suit was approved by the Director, WAAC (Oveta Culp Hobby),  on June 6, 1942.  It consisted of a knee-length, one-piece dress with separate bloomers made of green and white seersucker.

WAAC Fatigue Hat - 1942

Work Coverall with Fatigue Hat

The herringbone twill two-piece coverall work suit was submitted to the General Staff for approval by the Quartermaster General on June 3, 1942.

WAAC Coverall - Herringbone Twill - 1942