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The Museum's policy on responding to inquiries that ask "Who Was The First?"

We are often asked who was the “first” to do this, the “first” assigned to do that, the “oldest,” “youngest” etc. These are questions that we are unable to answer, unless it is a case of known fact in the U.S. Army. Therefore, as a matter of policy, the U.S. Army Women’s Museum will not sanction any claim of “firsts, etc.”

The Museum has over 1.5 million documents in its archives and we continue to collect additional data every day. We are sorry that we do not have the resources to research these difficult type of questions and thus, we cannot provide a definitive answer about a "first."

Use our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to your questions, such as "where can I find a veteran to talk to" or "how do I find my mother's service records." Click here on FAQs

General Information--Women in the Army

Click on the links below to access files with additional information on specific topics. We are updating this often.

Army Women's History Facts (A compilation of dates and events 1942-1999)

Statistics for Women in the Army (Strength and number of women in the Army from 1942 on)

Facts in WAC History (Interesting pieces of information)

Highlights of Army Women's History (A list of important dates in women's history and their significance)

Army Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM Synopsis and examples)
STEM Army Women in WWII (History)

The History of the WAAC Uniform (A short history of the development of the WAAC uniform in 1942)
A Pictorial History of the Uniform 1942 (Photographs of the original WAAC uniforms)
A Pictorial History of the Uniform 1943-45 (Photographs and descriptions of WWII WAC uniforms)
Army Women's Uniforms (1978-2013)

Notable Women in US Army History (A listing of 17 notable women from 1775 to 2002)
History of women NCOs 1961-2002 (A compilation of dates and events)

Awards to Army Women WWII (Partial list of names of those awarded medals and citations in WWII)

Women Ariforce Service Pilots (History of WWII women aviators)

WAC Training Centers (WWII Sites)
WAC Training Detachment at Fort Lee (History of the WAC training school while at Camp/Fort Lee, VA)
WAC Training Centers and Schools (1942-1978)


Books and Bibliographies:

Bibliography on the history of Women in the Army (Comprehensive listing of books published until 2002)
Bibliography on the history of Black WACs in World War II (Comprehensive list of books as of 1995)

The Women’s Army Corps in World War II by Mattie E. Treadwell 1991 CMH
The Women’s Army Corps 1945-1978 by Betty J. Morden, 1988 CMH

The Women's Army Corps: A Commemoration of World War II Service by Judith A. Bellafaire, 1972, CMH
The Army Nurse Corps: A Commemoration of World War II Service by Judith A. Bellafaire, 1972, CMH

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