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GWOT / Raven 42

Permanent Exhibits   

The Museum's newest exhibit interprets the work of Female Engagement Teams/Culture Support Teams operating in the Afghanistan theater. These all-female teams accompany ground troops during missions. The job of the teams is to engage Afghan women; something their male Soldiers cannot do because of cultural constraints.

Raven 42 Exhibit  
Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester, is the first woman to receive the Silver Star since World War II and the first ever to receive it for direct combat action.

Bofors Gun  
This exhibit tells the story of "Battery X" a top-secret World War II mission that trained women in the Women's Army Corps to use the 40mm and 90mm anti-aircraft guns. This 40mm Bofors Gun was transfered to the Museum by the Ordnance Museum.

Postal Battalion  
The 6888th Postal Battalion, the only female African-American WAC unit sent overseas in WWII, depicts their experience as they sort through millions of pieces of mail in France.

Women in service  
Margaret Corbin, from the American Revolution, Dr. Mary Walker from The Civil War and Cathay Williams, Buffalo Soldier, depict the rich history and contributions of women in service to their country.

Barracks Life Exhibit  
Many women in WWII had never left home before. Their first experience in the Army was that of barracks life. Their belongings had to fit into their footlocker and their clothes hung on rods behind their beds.


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